Five things to expect from My Glam Tote beauty and health products

Beautiful, healthy skin, nails, hair and appearance starts with proper care, healthy lifestyle and routines, we believe our customers would enjoy while caring for themselves. We are building a community where small business owned companies who work with organic, natural, holistic products and ingredients providing some of the best skin and beauty care products for our customers. Adding to the ideology of beauty, it radiates most when customers apply care to their skin, hair, nails and body, to provide a clean, healthy foundation before applying makeup and other cosmetic products.


We seek and partner with vendors who pride themselves on developing products from natural products. We seek organics, natural minerals and enzymes, and blends that are wholesome and good for your body. 


Helping communities and small businesses is a great way to promote products that are conceived in loving, caring homes and taken to market with great results. Such products are used by the owners, themselves and taking the effort to start a new endeavor to benefit like-minded people as well as attracting new individuals who desire to take a step toward using natural products is a good way to share, care and spread healthy, radiant beauty.


We all have our own unique look, feel and appearance, and we need to preserve, nurture and encourage our natural beauty. Today's society places focus on covering up beauty instead of healing, nurturing and promoting a radiant natural glow and appearance. We love to embrace that less is more, even when makeup is applied in modest quantity and choices, your natural beauty is still the beacon of your presence.


Positive, healthy day to day activities and habits will help us develop better skin, nails, hair and natural color. Basic routines are highly encouraged, and we believe our customers already embrace, or serious about making changes that will take them toward a path of repair and healing, maintenance and radiance. It's important to follow hygiene, cleansing, maintenance and protection routines that will defy aging, radiate presence and enhances everyone's natural, unique appearance. If you are reading this blog, we encourage you to embrace and apply routines, and make it therapeutic, relaxing and enjoyable.


Beautiful skin, hair and nails also starts from within. Yes, our bodies react to what we eat, drink, level of activities we perform and environments we expose ourselves to. A healthy lifestyle has so many benefits, yet healthy skin and hair is only a side effect among many others. From drinking water, eliminating processed and unhealthy foods, exercising, protecting ourselves form excessive sun, winds and debris are some of the basic principles we remind many of us be vigilant about. 

We will touch base on more hints, tips and articles to help our readers learn about ways they can apply healthy lifestyle habits and amazing products to preserve and radiate natural beauty, and look amazing!

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